The Philippines is a highly competitive domestic economy with strong pre-pandemic average growth performance of 6.6% in the years 2016 to 2019. It has a liberalized and business-friendly economy that allows a 100% foreign ownership on all sectors. As the second largest archipelago in the world, it is a natural and strategic location for firms that want access to bountiful resources.

  • Quality educated workforce with a high literacy rate of 96.5% 
  • Expanding infrastructure in the country facilitated business growth and competitiveness; implementation of the Build Build Build Program
  • Highest ever credit rating in the range of BBB+ to A- 
  • Offers a comparatively low start-up costs for foreign firms 
  • The Philippine consumer market consists of 96 million Filipinos who are accustomed to a wide range of products in the domestic market

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The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines

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