Tribute to Washington SyCip, SGV Founder

SGV Founder Washington SyCip has passed away.

CCI France Philippines would like to express its deepest condolence to SGV & Company and the family of its Founder Mr. Washington SyCip, who passed away last Saturday, October 7.

He founded SGV & Company and made it the Philippines' largest multidisciplinary professional services firm. He also cofounded the Asian Institution of Management in 1968.

A visionary business leader

In 1946, back in the Philippines after war, he established an accounting company that would in time become the SGV. Within a short-time, the company under his leadership would became the largest and dominant accounting firm in the nation.

His visionary leadership and keen understanding of business opportunities led him to expand the services of his bookkeeping firm beyond the traditional confines. He created a management services and consultancy branch to cater to clients needing professional help and business solutions to their operational management and development problems.

As a result of these efforts, he not only built a window to the world for the Philippines. He helped to put the Philippines within the radar of many investors and all those who had projects to put up in the East Asian region.

Through this involvement, his company became a focal point for rendering advice, studies, and clincher for decisions that eventually benefited Philippine economic development.

He also helped to build institutions of great value to our national life. Among the most prominent of these projects are the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP). 

In the preface to his authorized biography by Jose Y. Dalisay Jr., Wash: Only a Bookkeeper (Asian Institute of Management, 2011), Washington SyCip wrote that his life’s journey was marked with “rich experiences, unique opportunities and inspiring people.”

Humbly, he further quoted a Chinese saying, “There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.” He did not say that any path to a high mountain is difficult enough!


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