Ooh La La! J’adore les fromages!

Cheese is a vital element in the French palette and French cuisine, as according to a 2013 study, an average French person consumes around 25 kg of cheese per year. France takes pride in making the best cheese in the world, which is why La Soirée will be showcasing the best of France as we will be flying in 300 kg of the finest cheese from France just for this special night! Be ready to feast on a wide variety of cheese representing the different specialties of the different regions of France. Taste the best of the north with Normandy’s Camembert, Livarot, and Pont L’eveque. Experience top-class Munster from Alsace of Eastern France as well as Midi-Pyrénées’ pride, the Roquefort of Southern France. Representing Central France are the delectable Fourme d’Ambert and Cantal from Auvergne. There’s no better pair for the finest cheese other than the best charcuterie flown all the way from France as well. Get a taste of the finest saucissons and pair them with fine wine and cheese? Definitely a feast to remember!

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