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FCCI, JLL holds instructive and enlightening event

FCCI, JLL holds instructive and enlightening event


THE French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in partnership with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) PhilippinesNEO Office, and Trends and Concepts Total Interior Solutions Inc. held an instructive and enlightening event recently, titled "Building the Future. Green and Sustainable Practices in Real Estate Development," that tackled the rise of sustainability in the real estate industry in Asia-Pacific, especially in the Philippines. It should become a priority in strengthening and improving future development, strategies and initiatives for the country.

Garnering 161 attendees, Christophe Vicic, president of CCI France and country head of JLL-Philippines, welcomed the guests and enjoined the participants to continue to take part in changing the industry by adopting sustainable practices with the cooperation of other experts and advocates in the country.

The invited keynote speaker Mika Kania, the energy and sustainability services product enablement manager for Asia Pacific of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), a leading real estate developer and one of the key initiators in establishing green real estate in the Philippines, discussed about the importance of reducing carbon footprint emissions in the long term and the benefits of green real estate by reinstating to everyone the value of sustainability.

Kania also shared recent updates and data about the Net Zero carbon commitment and its goals in the Asia-Pacific, as well as the demand for green buildings in the region. "The adoption of net zero carbon commitment is set to double in the Asia Pacific region in the year 2025. Forty percent of the leading companies have already adopted net zero carbon goals and about 40 percent more plan to adopt it by year 2025." Adding, "About one third of the leading companies have action plans with well-defined strategic objectives. About 60 percent of the leading group have well-defined sustainability goals and decarbonization is an integral part of their sustainability and real estate strategies." She also mentioned that "The risk to net zero takes a shift beyond traditional boundaries. (We) must bring together investors, occupiers, landlords to work towards common sustainability ambitions, (in real estate)." Kania also reiterated the importance of companies' following through with their commitment to prevent future global warming.


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During the panel discussion with Dr. Charisse Gail Bantiling, the principal designer and workplace strategist of Trends and Concepts, and Raymond Rufino, the chief executive officer of NEO, further elaborated the topics which was moderated by Joey Radovan, the vice president of JLL.

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