DA chief lowers agri growth goal to 2% for 2021

The Department of Agriculture has altered the target agricultural growth of the country this year by 2 percent from the previously announced 2.5 percent. Agriculture Secretary William Dar mentioned this a in virtual forum of the Economic Journalists Association of the Philippines, “Before, our projection is 2.5 percent, but with the continuing two pandemics affecting the country -- COVID-19 and African Swine Fever (ASF) -- we have set it to 2 percent growth target this year.” According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), their data showcased that the contraction of Philippine agriculture this second quarter of 2021 is only 0.1 percent. Secretary Dar also added this slight contraction displays the country’s economy is recovering but is still nowhere near before the COVID-19 pandemic. He further said that there are signs in several sub-sectors of agriculture that this new target is achievable. According to Secretary Dar that “drivers of this growth shall be in the crop sector, we are hoping that we can double the rice output.” Palay (rice) production during the first semester recorded around 8.8 million metric tons which is the highest in the country's history.


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