Cheese comes before dessert

Cheese lovers, Soiree Beaujolais will be a treat! CCI France Philippines has flown in the best French cheeses from the Alpine region, Normandie, the South of France and much more, for this magical night.

What is more French than cheese? Probably wine which will also be served during Soiree Beaujolais 2016: Versailles. Throughout the night of November 29, our guests will have the pleasure to try 20 different varieties of cheese from different regions of France. To name but a few, be prepared to savor Reblochon, the nutty cheese from the Alpine region of Savoy; or taste the most famous goat cheese, crottin de Chavignol, "Grand cru" among the crottins from the Loire Valley. The most audacious may get some Roquefort, the blue cheese with strong scent from the south of France and reported to be a favorite of Emperor Charlemagne. There will also be Pont-l'Évêque cheese that is the oldest still in production in Normandie. CCI France Philippines is inviting you to see for yourself the rest of delicious cheeses that will be served during Soiree Beaujolais 2016: Versailles.

Be also aware that the cheese will be served the French way on the night of the event. This means it will come after the main course and before dessert!

Get ready to taste varieties of premium cheeses all flown in from France just for the occasion on November 29!

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