CCI France Philippines Celebrates Its 30-Year Anniversary

Dating back to July 14, 1919, when the organization has initially operated in the premises of the French Consulate in Manila, it has gone through multiple closures and rebirths throughout the years. In 1988, four founding members, including founding President Philippe Gauthier, launched Le Club French Chamber of Commerce. What started as a simple gathering of businessmen where they could discuss about their experiences, challenges, ideas, and the rapidly growing business sector in the Philippines grew to be a fully functioning Chamber of Commerce affiliated with CCI France International-- a network of 123 French Chambers in 92 countries across borders.

Today, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines of CCI France Philippines has over 120 members and operates as a bilateral entity, bridging business networks between France and the Philippines by assisting not only French companies and entrepreneurs in the Philippines but also Philippine companies.

Since then, CCI France Philippines has been a vital and essential entity in maintaining and preserving bilateral business relations between France and the Philippines by hosting French companies and businesses who are keen to commence operations in the Philippines. It strengthens business relations by conducting luncheons, events, exhibitions, and galas which brings together members and businessmen from around the country to interact and appreciate French tradition and culture.

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