AI processing seen as next BPO for PH

The processing of artificial intelligence is expected to become a new industry in the Philippines due to the growth of the business process outsourcing sector in the past decades. Ramon Lopez, Department of Trade and Industry Secretary said that the government and private sector are promoting the expansion of AI technology in the country. The Philippines became one of the first 50 countries in the world to adopt a national AI roadmap when DTI released the industry blueprint last May. The national AI roadmap helps the country change into an AI powerhouse in the region. According to Kearney, which is a research firm, the Philippines economy can earn 92 billion dollars by adopting AI. Lopez also said that they focus on education and are training data scientists from universities. That makes them produce high-tech jobs. The DTI chief said that companies including micro, small and medium enterprises can be more competitive and efficient with their operations by using AI. For example, it helps the farmers to identify which crops to plant in specific locations and seasons. Also, not only big companies but any company including small to medium enterprises can use it through data processing.


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