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First organized in 2015 as a celebration of the best of French gastronomy and responsible cuisine, Goût de France / Good France returns all over the world and in the Philippines from October 14 to 22, 2021, with the aim of helping the F&B sector bounce back from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as promoting healthy eating and sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the culinary profession.

Chefs and restaurant owners: Each participating chef and restaurant will propose and serve a traditional French menu (following the order of starter, main course, cheeses, dessert, accompanied by French wines and spirits) in their respective restaurants from October 14 to 22, 2021. These menus must demonstrate the richness of French gastronomy, responsible cuisine, and may highlight local culinary traditions in the Philippines. Restaurants are also encouraged to offer menus with reduced levels of fat, sugar and salt, and with vegetables and grains.

This year's edition of Goût de France / Good France also puts the spotlight on the gastronomic heritage and uniqueness of the Centre Loire Valley region.

Participating Goût de France / Good France restaurants in the Philippines will be supported by the French Embassy in the promotion of their respective offerings.

General public: the public is invited to experience French culinary tradition and expertise by dining in or ordering from any of the participating Gout de France / Good France restaurants throughout the duration of the campaign. Gastronomy-themed side events will also be organized by the French Embassy’s institutional partners.


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